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Aliens vs Predator - Alien - Facehugger
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Aliens vs Predator - Alien - Facehugger

    Add additional miniatures to your games of AVP: The Hunt Begins with this set of Alien Facehuggers from Prodos Games.

    Box Contents:

    5x resin miniatures
    1x card

    Facehugger is terrifying parasitic creature with the only purpose to implant an embryo in the victim's body and propagate the Xenomorph race, attacking the victim and attaching itself to its mouth. Incredibly fast, acid blood, an extremely strong tail and bony finger-like limbs it is able to grip the target's throat. All you want is to grasp for air and that's your last mistake you will ever make, as the creature inserts the embryo and turns you into a Xenomorph's host. Available as an add-on to core AVP The Hunt Begins game, these miniatures are single piece figures so no assembly is required.

    This set includes highly detailed resin miniatures of 5 bases of Alien Facehuggers, with one or two creatures per base.

    Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted.